Friday, January 25, 2008

Round two

You've already read Miss Brave's version of the epic showdown between Mohammed and Justin. Now read the version written by one of their classmates!

(Miss Brave's note: You can see all the work we've been doing on capitalization and punctuation is having a major effect on him. :::buries head in hands:::)

"tow day I went to school I am having a good day but sum chilljrin are having a bad day It is. so crase to day and Justin and mohammed got in a fit Justin got mad and mohammed got mad then the teacher said wiy are you fiting! Then the teacher got ovre It Hse was still mad a little bit at the end of cklass they. got a letr home thay wer vere mad I think thay got pnisht."

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Marcy said...

Came by way of Nancy's blog.

My chillins were acting a fool on Friday, too. You are the third blogger, including myself, to talk about children acting out on last Friday.