Friday, January 18, 2008

Flattery will get you everywhere

Leelee: "Miss Brave, I like your hair."
Miss Brave: "Thank you."
Leelee: "And your glasses."
Miss Brave: "Thank you."
Leelee: "And your shirt."
Miss Brave: "Thank you."
Leelee: "And your earrings."
Miss Brave: "Thank you."
Leelee: "You're beautiful."
Miss Brave: "Well, thank you very much!"

Typically I wear contact lenses, but my eyes were burning this morning, so I wore my glasses to school instead. I always feel vaguely half-dressed when I wear them, since I normally don't go out in glasses, but maybe I should more often; my second graders reacted like I was Princess Diana at her wedding and they were trying to out-paparazzi each other: "I love your glasses! They make you look so pretty!" It all culminated with this priceless comment: "Miss Brave, you're not pretty, you're beautiful."

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Marcy said...

Aw! How sweet! Sometimes it's these comments that keep us going all day.

BTW: I should clarify: Nancy's blog is Se Hace Camino Al Andar.:)