Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love is in the air--wait, on second thought...

Kyle: "If you came over to my house, me and you could play golf."
Kayla: "I'm not allowed to go to boys' houses."

* * *

Benny: "I have a girlfriend!"
Miss Brave: "You have a girlfriend? Who is your girlfriend?"
Benny: "She's in the big school."
(Our kindergarten classes are held in an annex, and the kids refer to the main building as the "big school.")
Miss Brave: "The big school? Is she in" (lowers voice to stage whisper) "first grade?!"
Benny: "No, she's in pre-K."
Miss Brave: "Ahhhh, a younger woman."
Benny: (nods vigorously)

* * *

Norma: "Miss Brave, do you have a husband?"
Miss Brave: "No."
Norma: "Oh, then you need one!"

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Jules said...

Ha! These kids are hilariously romantic minded! Thanks for sharing these tidbits. :)