Monday, June 1, 2009

In the past 8 days of school...

I have had 5 full-day coverages.

I'm not a math teacher, but even I can tell you that is messed up.

Today I covered a class with a student who is, shall we say, behaviorally challenged. Severely behaviorally challenged. As in, when I was calling students to line up and I said, "If you are wearing clothing with buttons on it, you may get on line," he made a rude gesture and yelled out, "My penis has buttons!" No matter what I said to him or how I said it, he responded by screaming at me: "MAKE ME!" (Or, occasionally and more perplexingly, "MILK ME!")

On our way into the classroom, he grabbed a bucket of plastic weather symbols, dumped it out onto the floor in the hallway and then tossed the bucket at my feet. I looked up and saw an assistant principal standing a few feet away in the hall, watching the whole thing. Oh good, I thought with some relief, she'll help me handle the situation, since this is a student she's very familiar with and I've never dealt with him before.

She watched the entire situation unfold, did nothing, said nothing, and walked away. Meanwhile, Mr. Personality ran into the classroom, grabbed hold of the closet doors, began slamming them -- BANG! BANG! BANG! -- and then screamed out, "That was an ACCIDENT!"

Thanks for your help, AP! Honestly, I do not want to work in a school where that kind of thing is OK.


teachin' said...

That' Seriously? Who does that? I wouldn't want to work someplace like that either.

Perhaps next time you are supposed to cover a class, you should scream, "Milk me!"

Sarah said...

Wow. What a gem. And sounds like the help we get around here. That's crazy. Once he hurts someone with his outbursts or a parent complains to the right place, maybe something will be done.