Monday, June 15, 2009

Got a revolution behind my eyes, we got to get up and organize

The organization sheet is here.

But before I reveal its contents, let me just tell you about the grief it has caused me these past few weeks: I am exhausted. My head hurts. I itch. I couldn't eat at our potluck lunch this afternoon because my stomach was in knots.

So where did I end up? In a second grade classroom of my own (not a CTT class as previously rumored; I think those teachers felt so strongly about co-teaching together next year that they asked my principal to reconsider keeping them together).

People keep asking me, "Are you excited? Are you happy?" The truth is that I'm not, but it's not even completely because I have to give up my (relatively) cushy AIS position for a classroom, or because I'm totally switching gears again for the second year in a row. It's because my administration has been acting like they're the Wizards of Oz these past few weeks, refusing to divulge any information about their decision-making process -- or, come to think of it, any information at all. There are teachers at my school who got called into the principal's office a week ago only to be told that they were moving rooms, but meanwhile there are other teachers who are making huge program changes, to positions they didn't even ask for at all on their preference sheets, and no one in the administration had the courtesy to tell them in person. More than anything else, I feel disrespected, like I'm being slighted for something I don't even know about. You tell me how fabulous I am all year and then boot me for someone who didn't even apply for it? That, as Cynthia Lord's Catherine would say, stinks a big one.

And now, my head is spinning with everything I'll have to do next year. I'm completely overwhelmed...and so totally done with this year that I don't know how I'm going to stand the next few weeks. And don't get me wrong, it's not that I dread the idea of having my own classroom -- I'm already swimming with ideas and plans. I'm ready to see it as a challenge: You want me in a second grade classroom? I'm going to make it the best second grade classroom it can be.

But please, let me have a little summer first. Please.


Anonymous said...

I used to be the "tech" at my school, then I was asked to go back into the classroom because the new principal hadn't filled some positions and didn't want to put subs in. So I dropped to being the backup tech. Previously I had been the tech at only my school. The new tech was being shared between two schools so they needed a backup when he wasn't there. I retained some of my "rights" on the network. A year ago the office was messing around at the beginning of the year. They wouldn't give the teachers their class lists, a week before school started. See, EVERY kid knew who his/her teacher was going to be, they sent the families letters. but they wouldn't tell the teachers. So I printed out some lists for some teachers. They took my "rights" to that program away over that. So I made them take them ALL away. Told them they could find another assistant tech. I HATE their little power games. Next time the office manager asked me a tech question, I just looked at her.

Nacho Lover said...

Well first, that's great that you still have a position there. Being laid off would definitely be worse, right? But that's really too bad that they've taken you out of the position that you've worked so hard and proved yourself in. Good luck with the new challenge, though. It will be so nice to have your very own classroom--no more traveling! I'm sure you will do a wonderful job!

Most importantly though, YES, please give yourself a nice full summer as much as possible! you deserve it!