Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Of interest

This evening I was, as always, watching NY1, when the host mentioned a website: See Through NY. If you visit it and click on "Payrolls" in the lower left corner, you can find out the exact salary of every single city employee. Which, of course, includes Department of Education employees.

On the one hand, this makes me deeply uncomfortable. I do not want anyone visiting it, putting in my name, and finding out how much I earn. (In fact, if you read this blog and you happen to know me personally: please don't!) But on the other hand...I totally spent the evening finding out that my principal earns a substantial 6-figure salary that is more than twice what I earn.

Of course, the Department of Education salary schedule is already public knowledge, so if you know how many years someone's been in the system, you can take a reasonable ballpark guess as to what they earn. But to have it all warehoused in a database? Dangerous, very dangerous!


17 (really 15) more years said...

My principal makes over $138 grand for staring into her computer all day. Hell, I can do that at home for free.

This is disgusting.

Jenna said...

WA state has the same thing... I really wish I could stand up and ask our Superintendent why we need to buy our own ink for the printer when he gave himself yet another raise that make him one of the top paid people in the county.

mcaitlin said...

i'm in there too. as one of my bosses used to say: "you're working for the government now."

Anonymous said...

Our county got audited recently and as part of the audit process they compiled a list exactly like you're describing...and then for unknown reasons it was e-mailed out to all central office employees. DH (a lowly computer guy) is on the central office list and he forwarded it to me. It also listed how much $ employees were reimbursed for travel expenses. I was absolutely amazed at how much some people in our county make (principals, superintendents, and the like) and how little others make (paraprofessionals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers).