Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's so meta

Today in my "special" kindergarten class, Jordan wrote, with very little prompting, my most favorite small moment story ever:

Page 1: "Mis Brave wz at school." (Picture of Miss Brave wearing glasses, which indeed she was today, with her head only vaguely attached to her body, floating outside the school building.)
Page 2: "Mis Brave wz at the carpit." (Picture of Miss Brave sitting on a chair at the meeting area in front of "childrens...sitting criss-cross applesauce!")
Page 3: "Mis Brave sed go back to your syts." (Picture of Miss Brave with her mouth wide open -- "Look, you're talking!" -- and all the kids walking back to their seats.)

I was so impressed. Really the only prompting I did was to remind Jordan that he could not include Toys 'R Us, red glasses, children who were absent this morning, or an incident in which I supposedly threw back my head and said, "Ah ha ha!", because none of those things really happened. (Although I did really enjoy Jordan's impression of me; apparently I laugh just like Count von Count!)

1 comment:

Nacho Lover said...

that is so cute.

but really, what teacher doesn't at least WANT to cackle like the Count? Bwahaha!! :)