Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let down your hair

What happens when Miss Brave has already collected everyone's papers but the teacher isn't back yet and Miss Brave has to stall:

Miss Brave: "Are there any comments?"
Yesenia: "I liked your story."
Ronnie: "Not me."
Miss Brave: "Ronnie, that was so rude. Do I come over to you when you're writing and tell you I don't like your story?"
Ronnie: "No."
(Cue other kids jumping to Miss Brave's defense)
David: "I liked your pictures!"
Eduardo: "I liked that story!"
Phillip: "I loved your story, Miss Brave!"
(Cue kids getting totally carried away with compliments)
Avery: "I love your boots!"
Yesenia: "I like your shirt!"
Boy's Voice: "I like your hair!"
(Cue moment of silence)
Avery: "Who said that?"

Alas, no one would own up to it. But somewhere in the middle of the rug in Mrs. C's first grade, there sits a boy who secretly admires my hair.


Ms. C said...

Have you tried a functional behavior assessment on Kyle? To stop a problem behavior in my classroom I first find out WHY the kid is acting that way...what he gets out of it.

It seems like Kyle gets to escape work and gain peer attention when he acts up.

Can you find a way to give him what he needs in a school-proper way? Maybe an index card he can put on his desk when he's anxious about the work...or making him a leader in the class where he can get attention by doing something good for you?

R said...

I suspect that at least one of the reasons is that he's on the low end academically, and he acts out to obscure the fact that he's having trouble or doesn't understand the directions. Which is why I made it a point to sit down with him one on one this past week, at which point he did a fair job. This coming week I will probably pull out my "I expect good things from you today, because I was so impressed with the work you did last time" speech and see how that goes over.

As far as making him a leader -- I think the jury is still out. I've done that with other kids whom it really benefitted, but I've also done it where it went over like a lead balloon because the kid went the route of being the class clown instead of the leader -- i.e., used his leadership position in order to act out. So I would have to tone it down a little bit. I think Kyle is the "table captain" at his table, so maybe I'll use that to my advantage.