Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The last day

On the last day of school, I sternly instructed my students, no one would be allowed to leave before I received a "real goodbye." There would be no sneaking off while my back was turned, I warned them, no frantic cries of "Iseemydadbye!" amid the usual chaos of the schoolyard.

As it turned out, the last day of school was just as much of a blur as the first. By the time we returned our books to the class library, cleared out our desks and seat sacks, played our last round of board games from home (did you know that Uno now comes in a Disney Princess edition?), ate our last leftover snacks from our Friday celebration, discussed our favorite moments from the school year, the importance of reading over the summer (with the Baby defiantly proclaiming, "I'm not reading nothing over the summer, it's boring!") and our summer vacation plans (Ecuador! Mexico! Florida! Sesame Place!) and handed out report cards and important notices (why did we photocopy a letter from Joel Klein addressed to "colleagues" that effectively slammed the UFT and send it home to the parent of every child in the school? who knows?), there was nothing to do but leave.

So leave we did, trooping down to the schoolyard in our summer clothes, the Mean Girl outfitted in a printed T-shirt that proclaimed a need for a "boy slave," Ashima in a pretty pink dress. Arianna (who, during our discussion about summer reading, noted, "My mom used to buy me boring books, but after you gave me those two Amelia books, I asked her if she could get me those instead) presented me with gorgeous white flowers; Marielle gave me a cardboard box inside an enormous pink bag that turned out to be an elaborate ceramic sculpture of two gilded elephants, which I'm informed represent good luck.

Good luck, Miss Brave's class.


Ann T. said...

Dear Miss Brave,
Yes you must read over the summer. LOL!!

Umm, will you be writing over the summer? Things like, the 10 most important things voters need to know about teachers??? Or, Anything?

Just checkin'. You know I'm greatly fond.


Jenna said...

oooo! Elephants are indeed lucky and bring good things to you.

Plus every time someone comes over you can whisper "let's not talk about the elephant in the room" and wink. Then watch them try to figure out what the obvious secret is all evening! Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I'm loving it so far! In August, I'll be starting my first year teaching and I'm sure I'll be reading your blog a lot. =D