Friday, February 12, 2010

What about Mr. Brave?

Behind every stressed-out teacher trying to hold it all together, there is (hopefully) someone at home who is sympathetic. For me, that person is Mr. Brave (formerly known as the soon-to-be Mr. Brave). Mr. Brave has helped me grade math tests, hang backing paper in my classroom and transport school supplies. He gets outraged on my behalf when teacher-haters start their teacher bashing (you know: "All that vacation! Days that end at 3 pm!" PSHHH), brags to his co-workers about my feats in the classroom (actually, it's more like, "At least you don't have to deal with kids peeing on the floor like my wife does") and lectures me on the importance of properly teaching mathematics.

Somewhere in between the insanity of my first year in the classroom, Mr. Brave and I managed to have an outrageously fabulous wedding. With all my co-workers popping in to offer their congratulations and peek at photos, my class was aware of our nuptials, and Mr. Brave inevitably arises in any conversation about my personal life. If I say I went to the supermarket over the weekend, they ask, "Did Mr. Brave come too?" If we're talking about birthdays, they ask, "When is Mr. Brave's birthday?" When someone draws me a picture and leaves it on my desk, Mr. Brave is often included. (My favorites above!)

I'm thinking about this now because Mr. Brave and I just returned from our equally outrageously fabulous honeymoon, and I am feeling very little desire to return to school tomorrow. But, even though they've never met him, my students have managed to see Mr. Brave exactly the way he is: as a terrific guy who cares deeply about their teacher.


Anonymous said...

This just made my night. I am a regular follower of your blog, though I've never commented. My Mr. is just like your Mr. (in fact, I just read your post out loud to him). Made me cry a bit. The kids we teach kick ass. All children are curious and kind and intuitive. It's the system that's so very broken, and it's our husbands (and notes from sweet children like the ones you pictured above) that keep us sane. Congratulations on your nuptials! Sorry you've got the Sunday blues. For me, a cocktail always helps take the sting away.

Erica Thomas said...

I also loved reading this, thanks so much for posting! I too have the Sunday blues...

I hope tomorrow goes well.

Where was the honeymoon?

Ann T. said...

Dear Ms. Brave,
congratulations and best wishes! Im so glad there's a great guy in the picture, and that things occasionally show what a difference you make!

Wow, wow, wow!
Ann T.