Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obivously something wasn't clearly enough articulated

We have these things at my school called "articulation cards." They're supposed to be used to place students in classes appropriately. At the end of each year, teachers rank their students academically on these cards. They also put down the names of other students from whom the student should be separated.

Today I got the articulation cards for the students in my class. Naturally, I have these two students whose articulation cards say they shouldn't be placed in the same class together.

We have six second grade classes; you'd think they'd manage to keep them apart.

Also, I spoke to my AP about the infamous William. She told me they had "difficulty placing him" (obviously), and "think [I] would do well with him" (doubtful). But, she hasn't heard from his mother all summer, like she was supposed to, so...basically, she's hoping he doesn't show up.

Sigh. If anyone out there has motivational suggestions for a third-time second grade repeater, I'm all ears!


Anonymous said...

Make WIlliam into a leader.

Joy said...

Look into Tools For Teaching, by Fred Jones. There's something called omission training that is especially created for THAT kid. It's a fantastic book from cover to cover, but omission training is what you need first. :) Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

so he is a third time second grader? He is older than all the other students by a few years. Not surprising that he is bullying. Have you called his mom yourself? just a thought, think of something good about William and call home about this and see what happens.