Friday, December 5, 2008

Seven random facts

I'm pretty sure I've been tagged to do this already, but that was last year, and so here I go again.

1. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. My father recently pointed out that in It's a Wonderful Life, which is one of my favorite movies, Mary hides in the hydrangea bushes when her robe accidentally slips off.

2. The very first time I met my future husband, we went running together (outside, in January). My friends thought this was an exceedingly strange first date. To which I now say: Ha ha!

3. I prefer reading non-fiction to fiction. I just finished Malcolm Gladwell's new book, The Outliers, and now I'm reading One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding.

4. I am a member of New York Road Runners, which pre-assigns runners to "start corrals" in races based on their previous best running time. I'm really proud of myself because I just ran a 4-mile race in 33 minutes flat (8:15 per mile), thereby moving up my corral! Now I know how my students feel when they change reading levels.

5. I dislike both white chocolate and dark chocolate. Only milk chocolate will do!

6. I dream about school with alarming frequency.

7. I am an only child, and so is my future husband. Our poor children won't have any aunts or uncles or cousins :(


mcaitlin said...

i like hydrangeas too! i like them because they're nature's acid/base test. the flowers are blue in basic soil and red if the soil is acidic.

i also dream about school with alarming frequency, it's lately been random people from my past (who have no expertise in my field) giving me my oral exam...eep!

Angela Watson said...

Oh, my gosh. I JUST realized as I read your post, that as an only child, MY kids won't have any aunts, uncles, or cousins, either! WOW! How did I miss that?!?! Good thing my fiancee has EIGHT living siblings. Whew.