Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The fall's gonna kill ya

This morning, I did it. The thing I had been dreading and putting off all summer. I opened my hall closet, climbed up on my little stepladder, and hauled down the shopping bags of crap school supplies I had heaved up there in a giddy fit of summer fever in June.

I weeded through the stacks of papers I had unceremoniously dumped together in a desperate attempt to empty out my office in a timely fashion. I pulled out some binders and checklists I thought I would need for the first few days of school and piled them next to my all-purpose Carol School Supply bag, filled with the behavior charts and "Great Work" tickets and "Super Reader" pencils I bought back when I thought I would still be getting $260 worth of teacher's choice money. I unearthed my new planner and filled in September's dates. Then I put the essentials in my brand-new school bag.

It wasn't so bad.

Then I went out for a run. It was already almost 9 am, but the air was cool and crisp. It felt like fall. And that's when I remembered: I like fall. I'm running the New York City marathon this fall. I'm getting married next fall. The fall is nothing to be afraid of.

There are two things I know for sure: (1) There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the start of this school year can be as overwhelming or nerve-racking as last year; and (2) Even if it is, I can handle it.

It's almost time to go back. And even though I may not want the summer to end, I'll be ready when it does. Bring it on, second grade.

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