Saturday, April 26, 2008

What I Did On My Spring Break

  • played Trivial Pursuit '90s Edition
  • performed all three key roles at the family seder: leading it, asking the Four Questions, and finding the afikomen
  • did a colossal spring cleaning in my apartment
  • baked multiple kosher for Passover items
  • ate matzoh brei
  • went running in Central Park
  • drank Jamba Juice
  • saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • bought new jogging gear
  • had a shake at the famed Shake Shack on 23rd Street
  • ran in the Adidas Run for the Parks in Central Park
  • visited my former, beloved freelance job
  • ate half of a Sno-Cone (before I dropped it)
  • came in last place at Trivia Night at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg
  • tasted Turkish delight (which I only recently learned is not actually a fictional candy that C.S. Lewis invented for The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, as I had previously believed) for the first time, at Economy Candy on the Lower East Side
  • went running at Jones Beach
  • saw Saturn through the high-powered telescope at the Columbia University observatory
  • rooted for the Mets (and an alum from my alma mater!) at Shea
  • saw a Josh Ritter show in Williamsburg
  • ate gelati at La Lanterna in the West Village
  • taught my two-year-old cousin how to make Herculean noises of effort while stretching
  • saw three brides having photos taken in Central Park
  • bought an Oscar de la Renta robe on major markdown at the mall
  • overhauled my spring wardrobe
  • bought chocolate at Jacques Torres on the Upper West Side
  • treated myself to a manicure and a pedicure
  • got mildly sunburned
  • wore pretty spring dresses
  • ate many grilled chicken salads
  • drank many iced lattes
  • made headway in reading a library book for the first time in months
See how much I can accomplish when I'm not...working?


Jules said...

WOW!! what an impressive and fun list of accomplishments--well done! and you've still got a whole day to go! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I'm done getting my Master's and I can start enjoying my vacations off from teaching. The only thing our spring breaks have in common is eating matzoh brei (definitely my favorite part of Passover)!