Friday, November 16, 2007

Conversations like these are why my mini lessons take 20 minutes instead of 10

Christian: "Look at my motorcycle belt."
John: "You should get a monster car belt!"
Miss Brave, joking around: "Do you think I should get a monster car belt?"
John: "No! Because monster cars are for boys, and you're a girl!"
Miss Brave: "But I like monster cars. Girls aren't allowed to like monster cars?"
John: "What about monster trucks? Do you like monster trucks?"
Miss Brave: "Sure, I like monster trucks."
John: "But you can't drive it. Because it's too big."
Miss Brave: "Well, can you drive a monster truck?"
John: (nods)
Miss Brave: "But who's bigger? Miss Brave or John? If I'm bigger than you and I can't drive the monster truck, how can you drive the monster truck?"
John: "When I'm eleventy old, I'll be big enough for my feet to reach the pedals."


Blair said...

hysterical... and oh so true. its calendar time and i ask, "does anyone have any questions about our day?" the response: "my dad's birthday is on Monday." me: "ok, i bet you have lots planned for him. does anyone have a QUESTION about our day?" response: "my birthday is in two weeks." arrghgh!

Anonymous said...

"Does anybody have any questions?" is one of the most dangerous things you can say in an elementary school.

mcaitlin said...

eleventy!!!! hehehe, that made me crack up so much that i read the conversation out loud to peter.

Unknown said...

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