Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lie to me

For the past few days I've been battling a crisis that's well known to all teachers: New School = New Germs = New and Terrible Illness -- in my case, a sore throat/fever/aches combo that sent me to bed at 6:30 pm last night.

I've only accrued two sick days, and it's only October, so I didn't want to use them. So I dragged -- and I mean drrrraaaaaagggggedddd -- myself to school this morning.

I hadn't showered. My hair was in a frizzy ponytail. I was wearing no makeup. I looked, and felt, like death.

Then in one of my first grade classes, a little girl skipped up to me, sweetly smiled her toothless smile, and said happily, "Miss Brave, you look beautiful."

Unless you count the fact that a grand total of two of my five classes were forced by their teachers to apologize to me for their was the only nice thing anyone said to me all day.

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