Monday, December 14, 2009

Still too busy for a real update

But in lieu of one, I present Kids Say the Darndest Things: Miss Brave Edition.

(1) I go to pick up my class Monday morning after the Thanksgiving vacation. Marco spots me and grumbles, "Aw, man, school ruined my weekend."

(2) It is time to line up on a Monday afternoon after a difficult Fundations period in which way too many students are talking, faking explosion noises, futzing around with the carpet or just generally not paying attention. Consequently, I am grouchy. One of my smartest and most well-behaved students bounces up to me and says brightly, "Miss Brave, it's a good thing it's time to go home, because I was about to fall asleep at the carpet!"

(3) We are discussing the vocabulary word "flood." Manuel raises his hand and says, "If there is a flood coming, you should turn your TV off, because I know that water and electricity are not a good combination."

(4) We use the FOSS science curriculum at my school. I think it's excellent and my kids loooove science. The materials for each unit come packed inside large boxes that I don't have room for in my classroom, so I store them in the bathroom we have inside our room. One day I am giving a science test when Bryce raises his hand and says, "Miss Brave, is our next unit in science going to be Pebbles, Sand and Silt or New Plants?" I was astonished. "How did you know what our science units were called?" I asked. He gave me a 'duh' look and shrugged, "The bathroom."

(5) We are working on a "realistic fiction" unit in writing, creating realistic but fictional characters and stories. On an extremely cold Friday, I remind the students to put on and close all their layers of clothing. I tell them it reminds me of the scene in Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse when all the students are buttoned and zipped and tied and snapped and ready to go home. Christian points out: "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse is realistic fiction!" I want to kiss him.

(6) I am meeting with my five K readers for guided reading. We are discussing the word "busy" and I ask them to explain what it means. Jason says, "It's like, okay, Miss Brave, ask me if I want to play a game." I oblige: "Jason, do you want to play a game?" He answers: "I can't, I'm busy in a group with the teacher."


Angela said...

Don't tell your friend that Lilly is a talking mouse and therefore the story is fantasy, not realistic fiction. Hey, he made a connection, points for that. ;-)

mcaitlin said...

hehe, even though i heard some of these already, they're still priceless.

miss brave said...

Well, I'd give him a pass on Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse being realistic fiction, because other than the fact that the characters are not people, the situation itself is pretty realistic.

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

hahaha the busy one is too good! I love the things kids say :)