Tuesday, April 8, 2008

50 days to go

It is almost certain that my position at my school will no longer exist in the fall.

What that means for me is less certain. My principal swears that she's going to try to keep all of her current staff, but with another 8% in budget cuts coming down the pike, I don't see how that's possible. There are at least half a dozen first-year teachers at my school, and I wasn't the last among them to be hired, but I'm still not entirely clear what that means for me in terms of seniority and excessing.

I didn't want my current job again next year anyway, so in a way it's a relief to know that it won't exist. But what are my chances of receiving my own classroom, or an AIS position in the subject and grade I want? It all remains, as ever, up in the air.

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Betty said...

From reading your blog, you seem to be such a talented and caring teacher. I wish you could come to Texas and teach my grandsons.:)